Let your family shine at your next session!

As parents, we often want our family photos to capture the perfect moment - everyone smiling at the camera, looking polished and posed. However, sometimes the most memorable and meaningful photos are the ones that capture the true essence of our family: the candid, in-between moments that reflect our real personalities and dynamics. That's why, as a family photographer, I encourage parents to let their kids be kids and trust me to capture those authentic moments that tell their unique story.

It's All About Having Fun

When it comes to family photography sessions, the key to capturing genuine, heartfelt moments is to focus on having fun. Instead of trying to pose your kids or force them to smile, let them be themselves and enjoy the moment. Let them run, jump, play, and explore. Allow them to be silly, curious, and spontaneous. When kids are allowed to be kids, their true personalities shine through, and those are the moments that make for incredible photos.

Trust the Photographer

As a professional family photographer, I am trained and experienced in capturing those in-between moments that truly reflect the spirit of your family. I know how to anticipate and capture those spontaneous gestures, genuine smiles, and authentic interactions that happen naturally during a session. Trust me to guide and direct the session, so you can relax and enjoy the moment with your family. Let go of the urge to pose or direct your kids, and let me work my magic to capture those heartfelt moments that will create cherished memories. Allowing your session to be a fun memory for you and your kids doesn't mean we won't get that perfectly posed shot, but it does mean we can get so much more!

Avoid "Say Cheese"

We've all heard it before - "Say cheese!" But let's be honest, that forced smile while staring straight at the camera rarely looks authentic. Or worse, we capture your child perfectly posed and happy, while mom or dad is pointing at the camera mid-sentence! Instead of commanding your kids to smile, encourage them to be themselves and have fun before you even arrive at your shoot. Let them know that we will play games, tell jokes, and simply interact with each other in a natural way. Focus on remembering that how you look in these photos is equally of not MORE important than the kids, because what sometimes counts as acceptable and even "cute" for children is very different for adults! Genuine interactions will result in photos that truly reflect your family's unique dynamics and personalities.

Embrace the In-Between Moments

Some of the most precious moments are the ones that happen in-between poses. The stolen glances, the genuine giggles, the loving hugs - these are the moments that tell the real story of your family. Embrace these in-between moments and let us capture them. These candid shots often become the most cherished memories, as they reflect the true essence of your family's love and connection.

Every Portrait Tells a Story

As a family photographer, I believe that every portrait should tell a story. It's not just about capturing a picture-perfect moment, but about capturing the emotions, the relationships, and the unique personalities of each family member. The true beauty of family photography lies in its ability to preserve the fleeting moments and genuine interactions that make your family special. So, the next time you're planning a family photography session, remember to let your kids be kids, trust your photographer to capture the authentic moments, and focus on having fun. Embrace the in-between moments, and let the true story of your family unfold. With a relaxed and natural approach, you'll create timeless photos that reflect the genuine love and connection within your family for years to come.