The story of a photographer

In many ways, photography is my first love but second act in life. I have vivid memories from my childhood looking through different magazines or seeing different billboards and wondering, “WHO took that picture?” As I grew, I was always the family photographer, making sure we had the best pictures to document our story. However, the older I got, the more worried I became that my deep love for this art wouldn’t be enough to grow a business. My self-doubt pushed me towards the “safe”, but probably equally challenging route of public school teaching. Even throughout my five years of shaping young minds in Orange County, parents and other teachers would comments on how the photographs I included on my website and emails told the story of our projects better than my words ever could, and so the thought of fulfilling my dream always lingered in the back of my mind.

After leaving teaching in 2015, I gained a new perspective on what happiness and success really meant. While raising my family, I decided to switch careers and start building my photography business. While my technical knowledge and artistic voice had been something I had honed my entire life, learning how to apply it to every client every time was challenging, but so worth it. I soon realized it wasn’t just getting a great picture that lit a fire inside of me. Getting to know my clients, helping them pick the best locations, and style themselves in a way that elevates their story, were all pieces of the business that excited me. This thorough technique and attention to detail put my clients at ease, and proved to give me the best results for both posed and candid photos. My background in education has left me with the belief that our learning is never done, which is why I continue to invest in technical and creative photography education.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved and admired photography for its artistic ability to capture life's most precious moments and to convey any message. I look forward to hearing your story and using it to inspire unique photos that reflect your personality, represent your current chapter, and captures the beauty in your life.


Tyler Argento

“Sara is simply amazing at what she does. I have been shooting with Sara for a little over a year and we have NAILED some amazing shots together, thanks to her! I am SO NOT comfortable in front of the camera (head shots or taking action photos) and Sara makes you feel amazing in front of the camera. She helps guide the way, her cues are clear and amazing, she knows exactly how to get the right angles, and is SUPER creative. We have gotten so many amazing shots together and I couldn't be more pleased!”

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